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Quantina Intelligence Forex News System
AutoClick version v2.0 – 2017

“More than just another application,
it’s Raising the trading Standard forward”


Quantina Forex News System - Autoclick software

Quantina Intelligence Forex News System is a standalone news spike-trading tool that analyze MULTIPLE Forex Economic News Data and generates trades by your predefined conditions in seamless lightning speed. This software has been developed based on many years of trading experience. We made this software for our strategy partners, but now it has been released for public for a limited copy, according a limited news server usage.

Stand Alone Application
No need to install it, one single file only. It doesn’t make any changes in registry and it doesn’t use FTP protocol. Compatible with any PC or VPS. As a stand-alone application give your trading platform a freedom and huge trading advantage.

Most advanced coding method
It’s working on the lowest resources of PC and/or VPS (server), because Quantina Intelligence Forex News System coded by a highly advanced method to reduce Memory or CPU usage. Also it doesn’t use additional Memory or CPU in not necessary time.  It cause faster execution and stable running than ever.

Avoiding Multiple News Indicator conflict
Quantina Intelligence Strategy Developers realized that one single economic news release can not give us a correct trading direction if at the same time releasing several different economic data on the market.  If their deviation are conflict then the market could be highly volatile and unpredictable...

Integrated MND core (Multiple News Decision Core)
…that is why we have developed an MND core (Multiple News Decision Core) to give you additional advantages during news trading. With MND core you will able to add multiple news events with different conditions to a single Intelligence (trading decision). Quantina Intelligence News System can process multiple indicators.

User-friendly Interface - Instant Trading Signal
Simple: Choose any news event from a simple Economic Calendar on our interface. Set your conditions easily as a simple form. Add it to your Intelligence and set up click co-ordinates on your broker’s BUY or SELL button.  Activate it with one click. No need to understand scripts or any programming language.  

Changes Everything

Not just all the most important economic indicators such as US NonFarm Payroll, Unemployment Rate, or Inflation reports can be trade, but every high, medium, and low impact of news events too from almost 42 countries. Unlimited opportunities and trading rules can change everything.

After News Auto Click Delay
Instant Auto Click and After News Auto Click method also can be used in this version.
Customizable After News Auto click can delay your trades for the beginning of next timeframe to avoid - high spread and - volatile market conditions. Delay valid for the scheduled time and not for the news released. In this case you will have extra advantage for trading opportunity.

Get More Info fast-link…
Built-in get more information link for every economic news event. Click on the news event by right-mouse-click and choose “Get more Info…”. You will get additional information from such as what type of this news event, history data with charts, and also a simple explanation for beginners regarding actual data how will affect the actual currency.
“A higher than expected reading should be taken as positive/bullish for the GBP, while a lower than expected reading should be taken as negative/bearish for the GBP.”

For All Kind of Users:
Quantina Intelligence Forex News System made by professionals and also tested on beginners to ensure it is optimized for all kind of users. Ideal for technical and fundamental trades.


Quantina Forex Macroeconomic Data

Quantina Intelligence Forex News System automatically execute trades for you, based on the different between the actual and expected (or customized) macroeconomic data. If data is positive (higher than expected) it can automatically enter the buy order on the market. If data is negative (lower than expected) it can automatically enter the sell order on the market by mouse click emulator.

Main Features:

  • Easy to use interface, no programming knowledge needed
  • Reduced hardware usage, compatible with any VPS or PC
  • Fully Customizable Trading Rules
  • Use any broker to trading on news
  • Use any trading platform (MetaTrader 4/5, cTrader, JForex…)
  • After News Clicking Trading Method developed by Quantina
  • Can read multiple economic indicators for better decision
  • Conflict Protection System
  • Standalone application, no installation needed
  • Built-in extended Economic Calendar
  • Built-in fast links for Trading Ideas
  • Built-in fast link for our community to instant help

Customizable Settings:

Data Refresh Before News:
Value in seconds. Means the system will try to download released data before scheduled time. Default is 1 second before news time. Sometimes macroeconomic data release earlier than scheduled time. Please note that, if you trying to attempt news data too many times, your IP could be blocked for a while in this version.

Allow News Data For:
Value in seconds. Default is 60 seconds. Means the system can accept the release data for 60 seconds from scheduled time. If some reason the news data releasing is late (especially at Low impact news events or not Major currency) system can save your trade and deny the auto-click.

After News Auto Click Delay:

Value in seconds. Default is 60 seconds. News System will click on your pre-defined position 60 seconds later than scheduled time if the economic news data released. Please note that, news system will click exactly X seconds later from scheduled time, and not from the released time.
Let say news event scheduled at 15:30:00.
However the data released later at 15:30:23 . After News Auto Click will execute your click at (15:30:00 + 60 seconds) = 15:31:00. With this method you can avoid high spread, broker platform freeze or high latency. Recommended settings is 60 seconds or 1 hour = 3600 sec for high impact news.
More information on Quantina After News Trading EA 2016.

Instant Buttons Link:
You can easily change pre-defined links of instant buttons for Weekly Forex Forecast, This Week Trading Ideas or Calendar with Previous Chart. Please note that all your settings will be reset at the next software restart.

Quantina Forex News System

Economic Calendar Window

Currency Filter:
You can filter by specific country or we have set a “Major” option to filter for the main countries. Please note that EMU means European Monetary Union)

Impact Filter:
Options: None, Low, Medium or High.  News System will filter the calendar as you set impact level and above. For example if you set Medium, calendar will show you the Medium and High Impact type of news events.

Time Zone Settings:
It is working with your PC time settings and also automated by your IP position and local time. However it is possible to adjust by UTC.

Pre-Defined Date range:
For a confortable usage we have built-in a predefined date selector in to this version. You can easily customize the Date From to Date To, but there is a Today, Tomorrow, This Week (M-S), Next Week, This Month instant selector.

Text Search and Filter
There is an additional filter top of the right corner to filter economic indicators or texts. For example you wish to filter for Unemployment Rate. Type the "Unemployment" text to the field and click on Update. Filter will work together with additional filter option like date range, currency and impact level.

Instant "Get more info..." link:
Two clicks only on selected news event to get additional information about it. How the released number usually effects the currency: " Actual > Forecast = Good for currency " or what was the historical releases. You do not need to search on websites for it, we have built-in the targeted link. 


How does it work: 

Video Instructions can help you for quick learn to handle this application. 

Video 1:
How to set a simple news event to Buy / Sell depends of Actual released macroeconomic data
(Good news / Bad news)
Trading Ideas: 

Video Instruction can help you to quick learn to handle this application. 

Video 2: 
Using third party websites for getting Trading Ideas
"UK Manufacturing PMI"
Step by Step...

Multiple News Conflicts: 

Video 3: 
How to avoid Multiple News Release Conflict. Add additional News Events for same Intelligence

Step by Step...


"One more thing..."

Bonus for a LIMITED Time:
We will give you an additional News Panel program for MetaTarder 4 platform


Quantina Intelligence OneClick News Port v1.5

One Single Click on thsi panel can execute hundreds of predefined orders 

Forex News System One Click Panel

Revolutionary Break Trough System
This panel will record all the actual settings at button pressed, and it will track your trades as recorded settings. Virtually creating separated Expert Advisors without any Limitation at every button press. Restart does not needed. 

Quantina Intelligence OneClick News Port can handle unlimited currency pair with separated Timeframe and unique tracking settings from One Single panel. This will give you a huge additional advantage during FOREX news trading time. Panel can handle 3 different well know news trading strategy at the same time.

Advantage: With Quantina Intelligence OneClick News Port you will able to execute several different order on several different currency pair with One Single Click. Also, this panel will set your pre-defined TakeProfit, StopLoss and it will secure your every trades by BreakEven method and TrailingStop.


Button Functions:

Quantina Forex News Auto Click Panel

Instant Good News:
News Panel will immediately execute the trade on those currency pairs what you have typed under this button. Global settings will be used as at the right hand side of the panel. You are able to set technically unlimited currency pair to trade, however minor delays can occur as your broker able to execute them.
Please separate currency pairs with semi colon (;) and do not put semi colon end of the last currency pair, if you do not want to be executed the actual currency pair as well.  Instant Bad News button is working same. Executing the trades under the Instant Bad News Button. Please use capital letters only.  

Delayed Good News:
Same as Instant Good news, but the different is the panel will execute the trade at the beginning of the very next candle as your Time Frame settings under the Global Settings side. Let say you have pressed the button at 15:30:23 and Global Settings TimeFrame is M1. In this case panel will execute the order at the next candle start at 15:31:00.
If TimeFrame would be set as H1, panel will execute the trades at 16:00:00. More information on our forum site.

Automated Delayed News Click:
At the button pressed, panel will determine the actual timeframe’s candle bar type (bullish or bearish) and it will open trade in the same direction at the very next candle (as timeframe set) as the conditions under this button. Execute trades on those currency pairs if the measured (actual) candle bar size is between Min/Max Candle size. This scenario is also using Global Settings from the right hand side. (Trading Lot, TimeFrame, TrailingStop….).

Close Every Positive or Negative Trades:
At the button pressed, News Panel will run a quick execution process for opened trade on your account and it will close every (Positive or Negative) trades. Valid for every trades, not just only for opened by One Click Panel, but manual, or EAs.


Global Settings parameters:
Trading Lot: 1 Trading lot is equivalent to 100,000 units of the quoted currency.
TakeProfit: Target (Take) Profit, value in pips.
StopLoss: value in pips. Panel will set this StopLoss value when executing orders.
BreakEvenTrigger = 6; BreakEvenLock = 3;
 BreakEvenTrigger  calculated from the entry price (+spread) then it sets the StopLoss at the value of the BreakEven. eg. if the current price has moved 6 pips from the entry price + Spread, then it puts the defence to 3 pips + spread (BreakEvenLock) away from your entry price.
Trailing Stop: It will tracking your position X pips from the highest distance since opened a trade. More details on Investopedia’s website:
Trailing Stop

Stealth Mode: It will not sending the StopLoss or TakeProfit Parameters to your broker, but it will keep those values on your side and close the open trades if it is necessary.
MaxSpread: Maximum Allowed spread at executing orders. If spread is higher than this limit Panel will deny opening trade to save your account.
Time Frame: Actually used timeframe for different strategies. Especially for the delayed buttons for determine next trade-able time.
Trade Comment: Panel will write this text for every trade what you have executed by this panel.


How to Install: 
Quantina Intelligence News Port v1.5 on MetaTrader 4 platform step by step


Note:  Use only CAPITAL letters for this panel! 


Advantages with Quantina Intelligence Limited

  • UK based Trading Strategy Builder and Software Developer Company with own brand is standing behind of our products.
  • Quantina Intelligence Limited has a high reputation in Forex News Trading software developments since established.
  • Free Upgrade. Continuously developing our products to fit in actual market conditions
  • 24/5 Online Customer Service
  • Newly Started Forum site for our community (tips and tricks)
  • Remote Installation Service Available
  • Instant Download. Download it and Start to Earn with your product immediately. No License key needed for our products, they already "burned in" during checkout process. Installation takes less than a minute. License Transfer Available.
  • Secure Payment Process by PayPal and MoneyBookers 



Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are the minimum hardware and software requirements?
CPU: 1GHz or faster 32-bit or 64 bit processor
RAM: at least 2 GB RAM memory
Space: 10 GB Free Hard drive space
Windows 7 or above
For the very first time you need MetaTrader 4 Terminal to run.
Java installed:
 Latest Version Free Download

2. Is this auto-click application working with other forex terminals, such as cTrader , MT5 or JForex?
Yes, it is working because this is a stand alone application. All you have to do is to open a trading panel on your favorite terminal, and point the application where to click on good news or at bad news release.

3. Can I run it on VPS server?
Yes, it is compatible with all known VPS which is running at least Windows 2008, Windows 2012 or above. Latest version of Java is need to be installed.

4. If I installed the Application correctly, but it is still not trading, how can I get some help to fix it?
You have several channels to get additional help, tips and tricks or trouble shooting. We have running a Forum site for our community where you can get additional tips or get answers for common questions. Also, our customers use to upload screenshots and videos. Forum quick-link is also build-in the application.
Also we have a 24/5 IT customer service where we able to answer your questions by email in 24-48 hours. In specific situation we can offer you a Remote Installation or Remote Help to solve any issues quickly.

5. If I select One Time Payment for thsi product, are there any monthly or yearly fee? 
No. In that case there is no any monthly or yearly fee. You will pay at once for this application. However the license type covers 1 year free upgrade only. If there is an upgarde after 1 year, you can pay license upgrade only. (About £25 for 1 year).

6. If I select Monthly Payment (rental) instead of one time payment, do I have to pay additional cost for license renewal?
No, you do not need to. Rental includes all the upgardes and license renewals until your monthly payments running. Monthly rental can be cancelled by you at any time. 

7, Can I start with monthly payment only, than later, can I cancel my subscription and purchase it for One Time payment? 
Yes. You can cancel your subscription (monthly payment) at any time. After a cancellation we can disconnect your product at least one week from news servers. However OneClick News Port still can be used for demo accounts but not on any live account. 




"Quantina Intelligence raised the standars"


Disclaimer: Due to the ever-fluctuating nature of the financial market, the scheduling of economic events and indicators are constantly changing. We are proud to share our news system application with economic calendar with you, but would remind you that due to external factors beyond our control, we cannot be held responsible for any trading losses or other losses incurred as a result of using the application.



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Quantina Intelligence Forex News System v2.0 - AutoClick version - 2017

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