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Quantina Advanced Moving Average Indicator 3 MA

Using Moving Averages can help to give trader an advantage when planning a trading strategy.


Moving Averages show the average price within a defined time period by considering the most recent closing prices over the given time period and the result is then divided by the number of prices used in the calculation: 
For example: In a 200-day moving average, the last 200 closing prices are added together and then divided by 200.


Quantina Advanced Moving Average Indicator 200 MA Line


The more often and more commonly used Moving Averages are 10, 30, 50, 80 and 200 period MA. It is simply measuring the average price or exchange rate of a currency pair over a specified period of time. If we are looking specifically at a commonly used 200 period Moving Average the indicator is adding the closing price of the last 200 candles on the graph. Then that total is divided by 200 to pinpoint where the indicator is drawn on the graph.

Moving averages are used to define areas of support and resistance (as shown below by 200 MA Line), entry points (Cross over by 30 MA and 50 MA) into the market, to emphasize the direction of a trend, and to smooth out price and volume fluctuations. 

Moving average crossovers are a common way traders use Moving Averages. A crossover occurs when a faster Moving Average (i.e. a shorter period Moving Average) crosses either above a slower Moving Average (i.e. a longer period Moving Average) which is considered a bullish crossover or below which is considered a bearish crossover.


Quantina Advanced Moving Average Indicator Forex

Screenshot: Quantina Advanced Moving Average Indicator on GBP/USD H1.
Support 200 SMA, Thick Red Line, Fast SMA : 30 Blue Line, Slow SMA: 50


Quantina Forex Trading Ideas

Trading Idea: 

Use H1 timeframe or above. (H1, H4, D1, W)

Buy If the Market Price is above than 200 SMA and Fast MA Crossed Slow MA from below.
Sell If the Market Price is under than 200 SMA and Fast MA Crossed Slow MA from above.


Quantina Advanced Moving Average Indicator
has a Built-In Alert notification fuction when there is an opportunity to open a trade.

Instant Alerts to your MetaTrader 4 Terminal, Email and/or to your Smart Phone by a Push Notification (SMS*)
Free of charge

Quantina Advanced Moving Average Indicator Settings



Easy Installation: 

1. Open your MetaTrader 4 terminal. 
2. Go to Menu File \ Open Data Folder
3. Copy your downloaded Quantina_Advanced_Moving_Average_Indicator.ex4 file into your MQL4 \ Indicators folder. 
4. Restart or your MetaTrader 4 Treminal or Refresh your Indicator list. 
5. Open any currency pair chart with any timeframe. 
6. Attach your Quantina_Advanced_Moving_Average_Indicator.ex4 from the Navigator Window under the indicators tab to the opened chart. 
7. At the first start of indicator MT4 terminal needs an extra 3-5 sec for the automatic registration. There is no need any license key. 


It works on every timeframe and every type of broker. 
Recommended timeframe is H1 or above.
ECN/STP DD/NDD comapatibility

VPS server is not neccessary.

Windows and MAC compatibility
(Tested with Parallel Desktop)

Not Repainting 


Quantina Intelligence Limited, London, United Kingdom
Lifetime Support
Quantina Intelligence limited are running a Blog site with video instructions to instant help. Also, we can answer all the support emails usually in 24-72 hours. 

Lifetime Upgrade Availability
We are continously developing our products. Quantina Advanced Moving Average Indicator includes the free upgarde as your selection. 

One time Payment
No monthly fee. Displayed price are final price, there is no any hidden fees. TAX and VAT are also included. 

Pay by PayPal confidence. PayPal account not require. (Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Direct, Master, American Express cards accepted by PayPal) 

Instant Download
Download your product instantly, Registration is automated. You do not need license key or registered email address. Installation takes less than a minute. 



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