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Quantina Intelligence iTrend EA
Universal Edition

*Over 90% Winning Trades


Quantina iTrend EA 2015

After many years of research, countless effort and successfully cooperation with our partners we have designed a
“Self-Adjusting” long term profitability function (ATDA) in our new generation indicators and expert advisors.
Quantina Intelligence iTrend EA 2015 is a fully automated forex expert advisor with profit protection system.


Quantina iTrend EA 2015 Panel review

Quantina Intelligence A.T.D.A.
(Advanced Trend Detection Algorithms).

For your profit safety, Quantina Intelligence iTrend EA 2015 has a built-in trend direction detector and filter, what you can turn ON/OFF anytime. It means EA will open trades as the long-term trend direction only to Reduce Risk.


Quantina Intelligence Research Laboratory, London


Fully automated Forex Expert Advisor.
Open positions at the Best Entry Points, continuously analyses the market, tracking the trades alone and Making Profits.


Plug and Earn System.
Easy installation, trading on any currency pairs. Just run it and forget it.


Quantina Intelligence iTrend Indicator:
Generates BUY / SELL Signals for easy to use

You do not need to read or understand market trend lines on indicator's window. Quantina iTrend Indicator shows a little red Arrow for SELL and a little green Arrow for the best BUY entry points above and under the actual candle.  Indicator is not repainting the chart. Even the panel information is moved to the indicator window for confortable use. Quantina iTrend EA can do that automatically instead.


Working on every timeframe 

ECN / STP / DD / NDD / DMA compatibility

Not necessary to use VPS.

Windows and MAC OS X compatibility  (Tested by Parallel Desktop)

Indicators are Not Repainting 

Fully Automated Trading System

Indicators also included

LifeTime Support + Manual Guide + Videos

LifeTime Upgrades

Coming with Optimal settings for EUR/USD


Quantina Intelligence Forex iTrend EA 2015




Self-Adjusting for adapting new market condition

After many years of research, countless effort and successfully cooperation with our partners we have designed a “self adjusting” long term profitability function in our new generation indicators and expert advisors. In nuts shell, if the market condition changing for sure, indicator can change the main formulas for new calculation. In this case you do not need to optimize for time to time. Quantina iTrend EA will adapt the new market conditions and keep it-self on profitable direction.

Quantina Intelligence iTrend Forex Expert Advisor 2015 Backtest with default settings on EUR/USD H1  

Quantina Intelligence Financial Freedom Projects
Quantina Intelligence Financial Freedom Projects
Trading Result on EUR/USD in 2015: 

Default settings only

Starting Balance: $3.500.-
Trading Lots: 1.0 

Average Weekly Return: $770.- 


Quantina iTrend EA 2015 Features

Magic Number: 
This is a uniqe ID for each running EA. Please use different numbers on every active EA especially on same currency pair. Also you have to use different Magic number if you are using more than one QuantinaiTrend EA 2015 on same currency pair 
Trade Comment: 
Unique information for trading hystory. 
Lot Size:
Trading Lot size. 
Take Profit:
Target (Take) Profit: you can enter the amount of pips, when your order gets the profit that equals this amount of pips, it will be closed automatically.
Stop Loss amount in pips. Many traders know that they need to place stops, and if they don’t know they are likely learn very quickly. Market movements can be unpredictable and the stop is one of the few mechanisms that traders can utilisein order to prevent one single trade from ruining their careers.
Also, you can set StopLoss value calculated by the previous candle sizes for better result. Value in counted candles. For Example  = 5 , in this case EA will set the StoLoss value equal than the previous 5 candles tops. 1=previous closed candle. 2 = previous 2 candle tops. 
Also, you can set StopLoss value calculated by the daily high. 1= actual day tops. 2 = actual and previous days tops. If you set all the StopLoss and DynamicSLCandle and DynamicSLDaily , EA will choose teh lowest one for your safety. In thsi case you can use teh StopLoss value as a Maximum Limited StopLoss.
BreakEvenMethod. If it's true EA will move the StopLoss line to positive area.  
Distance from entry price in favour. Value in pips.
Distnace from entry price in favour if the market price reached the BreakEvenAt value. 
Trailing Stop function on/off true/false. Use with TrailStart feature.
nter the amount of pips you want your trailing stop to be, and EA will track all profitable orders. Setting to 0 disables trailing stops. Trailing Stops automatically updates the Stop order price as the market price moves in your favor.
Dynamic Trailing Stop Value calculated by previous candles low and high. 1 = previous closed candle.  
Limit your opened trades. If it's 0 EA can open unlimited trades. 
True / False , EA can open tardes between this time only.
Avaliable opene trades begin (hh:mm)
Avaliable open trades end (hh:mm)
Moving Average over control. If the market price is higher than MA line, EA can open buy (long) trades only. If Actual Market Price is lower than MA line, EA can open sell (short) trades only. Reduce risk. Highly profitable.
iTrend Indicator Settings:
Please read the
Quantina iTrend Indicator features

true/false , You can switch
on/off the information panel on chart during trades. true= ON





Quantina Intelligence iTrend EA 2015 can open and close trades automatically.



Quantina iTrend Indicator

Dynamic StopLoss in Quantina iTrend Expert Advisor 2015
You can set StopLoss value calculated by the previous candles sizes for better result. Value in counted candles. For Example  = 6 , in this case EA will set the StoLoss value equal than the previous 6 candles highest high (sell orders). 1 = previous closed candle. 2 = previous 2 candles highest high. 

Dynamic StopLoss
EUR/USD H1 2015.03.06 

Also you can set daily highs and / or simple fixed StopLoss. EA will choose the smallest value. 



Family Friendly - Low Startup Cost

You do not need a lot of capital to start trading. But if your deposit is less than USD 300 you should consider opening a mini lot account.  

Good or Bad Market?

Quantina iTrend EA 2015 can make profit, equally on rising or falling market. It can open long and short positions. You will reach good profit, if the market is positive and also if it is negative. ATDA system available.

Profit Protection system

If the market turns back before you reach the Take-Profit value, Quantina iTrend EA 2015 can recognise that and close the position at positive (profit) area. 
Fully Automated Safety Net Function. 




Instant Download

Download your product instantly, Registration is automated. You do not need license key or registered email address. Installation takes less than a minute. 

Lifetime Support

Quantina Intelligence limited is running a Blog site with video instructions to instant help. Also, we can answer all support emails usually in 24-72 hours. 
We truly differentiate ourselves and deserve the trust our key stakeholders place in us..."


Lifetime Upgrade

We are continuously developing our products. Quantina iTrend EA 2015 includes the free upgrade as well. 


One time Payment

No monthly fee. Displayed price are final price, there is no any hidden fees. TAX and VAT are also included. 



Pay by PayPal confidence. PayPal account not requires.
(Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Direct, Master, American Express cards accepted by PayPal) 

License valid for 1 live account and for unlimited demo accounts. Broker account change available.
Price includes the Quantina iTrend Forex Indicator 2015 too.



"We have just got over than 100 sold with 97% Satisfaction..."

Quantina Intelligence Product Pricing


F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I need to trade manually?
No, you do not need to. Quantina iTrend EA built-in everything for the fully automated method. EA will open trades, managing that with trade protector* and close the opened trades automatically. Plug and Earn system.  Easy Installation. Video Instructions. Also, if you need any help with installation please contact our support team 24/5.

Do I need specific broker or VPS server?
A VPS is a virtual computer that lets you run Quantina iTrend EA on your Forex account even if your computer is off.  It’s not needed, but we recommend it so you don’t have to leave your computer running all the time. You do not have to use any specific Forex broker with this EA. However we are continuously testing our products on our recommended Forex brokers.

I am pretty new on Forex Market, do i need special knowledge to use this EA? 
It is a Plug and Earn automated trading system. You have to download it, install and run it. Default settings is the perfect settings for EUR/USD. Follow the installation video step by step. Nothing else you need. 

What is the minimum account balance needed?

You can start with as little $200 on our Recommended Forex brokers with mini lots. Also, if you open and fund an account with any of our recommended forex broker we can give you some discount too. 

Are there any free updates or settings included?
For the Quantina Intelligence iTrend EA we can give you a Lifetime upgrades and Lifetime support. This EA is coming with default settings for EUR/USD H1, which is highly profitable. Also, we are continuously developing the settings for other currency pairs too. (Download Available) 

If I purchase today, how long will it takes to get the license keys.
After the successfully payment, you can download your products instantly. During downloading process our system will burn the license key into your product. When you downloaded your product it is ready to trade immediately. Automated Registration Process for easy to use. Answering your question: Less than 10 minutes.


Video Instructions and Profit Simulator:







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