Sale Settings Pack - ForexNewsTrader EA 3.1 v2017

Alternative Settings for Quantina Forex News Trader EA 2017. 

Designed for Advanced  and high volume traders. 


With Quantina Intelligence forex news trader EA 2015 it is possible to trade as a spike trading strategy also easily can change that to use trend following trading strategy either on longer or shorter therm. 


Long Spike trade scenario: 
Entry the market at high impact news event time, suddenly turn on Safety Net® to protect your minimal profit. 
In this trading strategy we are using a quite high take profit value.
With low Trailing Stop value your EA will follow the market while is going to your favor and moving your Safety Net by a few pips behind the market price. 
In this case the trading time is less then 2 minutes usually.  Average Profit between 1 - 15 pips / trade. 

Short Spike trade scenario: 
Market entry by same way as above, except we are using a very low Take Profit Value. We are recommend that to use similar value for Take Profit as your Stop Loss.
Lower take profit means better chance to reach that profit. We are using this strategy to cover our Stop Loss and loses if it has in the future. 


Trend Following trade scenario:
Sometimes the market price is not turning back to the opposite direction, however there is a small price correction but it will going ahead for our favor. Depends on the news release. With spike trading method our trades will be closed suddenly if the market has this correction with a small profit. 
With trend following trading method at news event time we are using wider Safety Net strategy and a quite high Trailing Stop value (above 20 - 30 pips). Also, Take Profit is very high or not in used. 
In this case we are expecting a much longer trading time (about 15mins - 5 hours or more) unless the market was suddenly turned back and EA closed the trade by a 1-2 pips profit only. 
With longer term trand following strategy we can reach about 30 - 80 pips profit. 


Quantina Forex News Trader for Spike trading and Trend Following trading strategy.


1, Which trading strategy is better? What strategy do i have to use in daily basis? 
1, You do not need to choose between those strategies or trading methods. With Quantina Forex News Trader EA 2015 you can use all those strategies in same time on same account. 

2, What is better:  to use 1 strategy with 1 EA or to use 3-4 different strategy with 3-4 EA on same account? 
2, With 1 running EA and 1 strategy you will use less source of your PC and less internet speed enough, however if you run 3-4 EA you have better chance to reach better profit per news events.

3, What happening if i have choosed the trend following method only, but the market suddenly turned back against of my favor? 
3, In this case 2 things can be happening: 
    A, market moved at less that much to your EA turnd on the Safety Net and it will close the order at less a minimal profit, or 
    B, The Stop Loss can close your trade in negative area with a small loss. 

4, Settings for NewsTrader EA v2.3 is compatible with v3.1 2015 ? 
4, No, it's not compatible. 


After your clear payment you will be availbale to download the 3 different settings file for Quantina Forex News trader EA 2015. 

Updated: 2015.03.16



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Settings Pack - ForexNewsTrader EA 3.1 v2017

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