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Quantina Forex News Trader EA Q7 is an Industry Leader "Plug and Earn" fully automated forex trading robot. Continuously developed since 2012. Automatically downloads Economic Calendar filtered by Country and Impact Level. Since new version Q7 (v4.5) released, EA can trade on customisable Multi-Currency pairs and able to trade on a specific news event, as like the famous “US Non-Farm Payroll, Unemployment Rate, Consumer Product Inflation, and more.


Quantina News Trading Strategy panel on MT4


This is a revolutionary software to trade the news using a highly advanced straddling method. This software is OUR RECOMMENDATION for anyone that wants to trade during Forex news events. It has 82-90% consistency to achieve success in Forex trading. When critical information is released on the market, the Investors and Banks situated all over the world take a leap into the market. This causes the prices to go wild and they can go in one way or the other in order to form an unpredictable trend.


Straddle Trading strategy at forex news event
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For beginners, Straddle trading in lay-man terms is described as a method of simply placing two pending orders before the news is released, a buy-stop and a sell-stop. The essence of this is to set a trap to capture market moves after a news release which may go either way. If the news release comes out bullish, a bullish spike would trigger the buy-stop and hopefully, the trader will make some money. The same applies to bearish spikes. So with straddling, the direction of a news release is not so important.


Quantina Forex News Trader EA Q7 can trade on EVERY Currency Pair 24 hours from Monday to Friday simultaneously. There is no need to restart on weekends. One Running EA can open the necessary major currency pairs in the background to reduce internet usage and reach better execution. The Quantina Intelligence News Trader was developed by the Quantina Intelligence Forex Research Lab., in the United Kingdom and has been successful since its launch. This software is fast gaining a huge reputation for itself and it has become very famous in the world of Forex news trading.




Family Friendly - Low Startup Cost

You do not need a huge capital to start trading. But if your deposit is less than USD 300 you should consider opening a mini lot account. Also, we have a list of Recommended Brokers where we have tested all our products.

Minimum Deposit

Forex bearish or bullish trend

Good or Bad Market?

Quantina Forex News Trader EA Q7 can make profit equally on rising and falling market. It can open long and short positions. You can reach profit event if the market is positive and also if it is negative.

Profit Protection system

If the market turns back before you reach the Take-Profit value, Quantina Forex NewsTrader EA Q7 can recognise that (SNF - Safety Net Function)  and close the position at positive (profit) area. In the new version from Q7, all the BreakEven method and TrailingStop are tracking in stealth / hidden mode.



How does it work:

Quantina Forex News Trader Robot will download the upcoming news events from the Forex Factory's website. EA can correct the news names with Quantina server. A few seconds (in default) before the scheduled news released EA will select the correct currency pair automatically and send a buystop and sellstop orders to your broker above and below the actual market price. When the news data released market price will jump in one way (up or down) and hit one of them (buystop or sellstop). EA will start tracking it immediately, calculating with actual spread and slips (version Q7 v4.1 and above) and it is setting the Safety Net to the first profitable position (BreakEvenPips) immediately. You will earn at least that much profit, even if the market suddenly turns back. However, if the market price moving forward in our favour direction Quantina Forex News Trader EA Q7 will tracking that in hidden mode and handle your opened position for the maximum profit. With spike trading method average trading time is about 2-5 minutes. Average profit is about 3 - 25 pips/trade. For the Quantina Forex News Trader EA Q7 is available to download different trading strategies such as Trend Following Strategy (Average trading time 5-25 minutes, Average Profit 60 pips /trade). Advanced traders can use all the possible trading method in the same time on the same account which is highly profitable. Beginners can follow our video instructions to reach a high profit by monthly basis.




Your success is our common aim.
Our company does not spend much amount on advertising. Spread from successfully customers to friends to families.



News Trading Strategy Backtets




Quantina Intelligence Forex News Trader EA Q7 is coming with profitable default settings


  • Magic Number: This is a unique ID for each running EA. Please use different numbers on every active EA especially on the same currency pair.
  • Money Manager:  EA will automatically determine the number of lots for your orders, according to the risk you are willing to take. Quantina Forex News Trader EA Q7 shows your calculated Lots size on display / panel.
  • TradindLots: Number of Lots of your orders; if you set Money Manager to false then you have to tell the EA how many lots to use for the orders.
  • RiskPercent: The risk in percent you are willing to take on any single order. Calculated according to your Actual Balance.
  • Initial Take Profit: Target (Take) Profit: Amount of pips, when your order gets the profit that equals this amount of pips, it will be closed automatically.
  • Initial Stop Loss: Stop Loss amount in pips. EA can close the opened orders earlier.
  • BreakEven Trigger: If the market price went in our favour in the positive area at least BreakEvenTrigger pips from entered price EA will certainly move StopLoss to BreakEven pips (from entered price) to secure your profit.
  • Trailing Stop: Trailing is let your profit run as it can. Enter the number of pips you want your trailing stop to be an EA will track all profitable orders. Setting to 0 disables trailing stops. Trailing Stops automatically updates the Stop Loss order price as the market price moves in your favor.
  • Trail Before Break Even: It hangs trailing until stop moves to break even. If you set it true EA will trail in the negative area too.
  • PipsAway: Number of pips above and below the actual market price where the orders will be placed. In version Q7 you can add Counted Bars where EA will add the previous bars tops and bottoms for Pipsaway.
  • Counted Bars: From version Q7 we have put this function back. The number of bars of tops and bottoms (highest high and lowest low) you wish to be calculated for pipsaway. 0 = actual market price. 1 = actual bar + previous bar. 2= Actual + previous + before previous bar’s highest high and lowest low value. Important: If you are setting it > 0 highly recommended to open those currency pairs charts where you wish to trade (for broker and server speed).
  • PendingBeforeXSeconds: Seconds Before Post when EA will place Pending Orders before the scheduled news. This is not going to happen at the exact second you specified, because EA code is executed only when a tick data comes from your broker, by the way, around the news price movements are frequent so you will probably do not notice the difference.
  • DeletePendingAfterXSeconds: Seconds To Wait For News to Delete Pending Orders; this is the time to cancel all the order that did not get triggered.
  • OneCancelOther: Order Cancel Other. It will cancel the other (opposite) pending order if one of them is triggered (buystop or sellstop).
  • ManualTrade: In case of true Quantina Forex News Trader robot will trade on "manual trading time" only. This function is very useful in Strategy BackTest mode or you can use it to trade on special time. EA will trade on active (current) currency pair only.  Date and Time as per your Server Time (Market Watch). Syntax: hh:mm (24h)
  • Impact Filters: High / Medium / Low impact marked by You will able to set to trade on Speeches (meetings without released data) but if you set Trade Scheduled Speeches ONLY to true EA will trade Only on speeches for strategy reason. More information on our Forum site.
  • Specific News Trade Only: This is a new and unique feature in new versions from Q7. You can trade on those news event exact names only what you set.
  • Specific News Event Name: Set the exact title of news as and EA will trade only on that news event. Case sensitive. For example You wish to trade on Non-Farm Employment Change Just type the exact title over here. The profitable news releases are usually the employment report, Inflation, GDP and quarterly reports. What if you wish to trade on all those news events only? In version Q7 you can set MORE THAN ONE title separated by a comma (,). This is a huge advantage for beginners and advanced traders too.
  • News Filtering by countries: In version Q7 of Quantina Forex News Trader EA you are able to customize what currency pair you wish to trade on each country's news. Also, you able to set MORE THAN ONE currency pair for each news separated by a comma (,). If you do not wish to trade on that country’s news please leave it blank simply.
  • Order Comment: Because this new version of this EA is working in the hidden trailing mode we have put the customisable comment back.
  • Slippage: Allowed difference. The difference between the expected price of a trade and the price the trade actually executes at. Slippage often occurs during periods of higher volatility when market orders are used and also when large orders are executed. In the latter case then there may not be enough interest at the desired price level to maintain the expected price of the trade.




What is new in Q7 version 4.5:

News Trading Strategy Panel



  • Customisable Currency Pair for each news type

  • Specific News Name Filter to trade on titles

  • Less communication with broker server
  • Multi-Currency Pair for each news

  • Multi News Title can be used

  • Counted Previous Bar available

  • Smaller Panel Design on Chart

  • Faster execution
  • Entirely Hidden Tracking Mode

  • Customisable Order Comment

  • Compatibility with the latest MetaTrader 
Quantina Forex News Trader EA settings
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Our Customer’s reviews:

Dear Support Team,
I want to say a very big Thank You for your support especially a year ago with Forex news trader robot. It was an absolutely different thinking and strategy to trade like this. I have watched your video instructions a 100 and 100 times in the past year and I always recognise something new and useful. Video instruction was a great idea and helpful thing. I have experienced much more consistent profit since using the version 2.3. Many Thanks again and wish you the best for you and your company. (Mr and Mrs S.Linford, 42, England)

Hi guys....This is just a note to thank you for the Strategy Backtest pack for Quantina Forex news trader EA v2.1. and 2.3 now. It was very helpful for me to understand more deeply the whole potential in this EA. While I’m using the low risk pack, I am working on more profitable settings too. And now I can use the Quantina low risk and my own setting together. Your strategy flashed my mind! Me and my bank account would like to say thank you. Keep in touch. Regards (George,  28, Canada)

As I promised I will write a detailed review after my balance will be in positive again. I spent a lot of years and more money to try many different trading strategies and "super" trading robots. I purchased cheaper and very expensive ones too, however the results after a few months, sometimes after a few weeks, was always negative and horrible. I don't want to say that every EA are useless, but I have tried a few useless ones. I have promised to the Quantina if I will have 2 months continuous profit balance with their NewsTrader EA, I will be very happy and I will purchase all your other products too. It was 8 months ago and I have closed every month with positive results. The worst month was 2.4% and the best is above of 14% profit. Alles bestens! (J.Holger, 39, Germany)

I'm very happy to give you a feedback. i use to trade fundamental by manually and trading on the high impact news event by your quantina forex news trader ea. first of all i want to say that this software is absolutely priceless. it has in-built every necessary function what i need to use. there is no any hard market even on the summer time when i can’t make profit with. i'm using spike trading method since 2010 but this ea is absolutely unique for me. your version upgrading is a "forward thinking". i didn't want to write a commercial feedback, but i want to say a very big thank you for developing it and i hope you will keep it do it as it is for a long long time. Tutto ok! (Giulia T., 27, Italy)

Dear Bela and Quantina Intelligence team, 
I don't normally respond to stuff on forums or blogs because it's like a field for con artist, but I must say your News Trader is what I was looking for for a long time. I have also downloaded your Settings Pack, set it up as in the video instruction with small fixed lots (just in case). Then I just watched my account grow gradually and progressively. I already changed my broker and using bigger lots on sure news events. I even adjusted a few settings too for higher profit. It’s all working as described. Quantina Intelligence is a first honest sales company that I have met and very helpful too! I purchased your EA 6 months ago. Now, I have more money and more free time to spend it with my family. This means more to my family then you’ll ever know-
THANK YOU! (Mika, 49, Switzerland)


We would like to hear more from you! Leave a longer feedback or a review by email:
(Please note that you automatically allow us to use your feedback or review anonymously and other relevant details for marketing purposes when you complete the form.)


A few practical and theoretical example from our customers. Please send your results back at least for 1 year for further bonuses. 

Regular Income Plan with Quantina Intelligence

Our customers who deposited
$1500 12 months ago
and used Quantina Forex News Trader EA 

*earned $135 / month / currency pair


*based on live and tested results between 2015 – 2016

Monthly Income

Monthly Income by Quantina

Our customers who deposited

$10.000 12 months ago
and used Quantina Forex News Trader EA 

*earned $896 / month / currency pair


*based on live and tested results between 2015 – 2016


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I find the license key for Quantina Forex News Trader EA Q7 2017 or v2018?
    The license key is built-in. Activation is automatically and instant at first start of this EA. 

  2. I would like to use this EA on my PC for testing and another one on my MAC or VPS server. Can I get some discount if I buy 3 licenses for News Trader EA?
    One License is valid for 1 Live Broker Account and for Unlimited Demo Accounts. You can copy your Quantina Forex News Trader EA Q7 to your PC/Laptop/MAC and VPS on the same account. You do not need to buy any additional license. However, if you still want to purchase additional license we can give you a small discount.

  3. Do I have to use 2 different MT4 accounts if I want to trade USD/JPY and EUR/USD at the US NonFarmPayroll news event time? Do I have to buy 2 NewsTrader EA for it?
    No, you do not. You can use 1 EA on same news events. In the new version of this Expert Advisor, you will able to set multiple currency pairs for each news.

  4. Is this EA compatible with the new version of MetaTrader 4 platform?
    Yes, it is absolutely compatible. Since 2013 Quantina Forex News Trader EA is continuously updated.

  5. I want to change my broker to a new one. Can I get some discount if I buy a new license? The previous one is not in use anymore.
    In this case, you do not need to purchase another license. Go to the "indicators and tools" tab on our website and fill up the Account change form.

  6. I am using the Forex news trader EA for a while, working fine, also I'd like to buy TrendFollow EA and Scalper EA too. Are they compatible with each other? Can I use them on the same MT4?
    Yes, you can use all our products on same MT4 account and terminal. They are tested and compatible with each other.

  7. What is the recommended pairs and settings to run this EA?
    This EA can run and trade on any known currency pair. Not really relevant where do you run it. News Trader EA will open trades on all major currency pairs (default setting). Default setting is recommended for beginners. Advanced traders can download special settings for this EA 



A quick note for settings:

coming more….






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