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Quantina Intensive Scalper Robot v1.0c
(beta version)
Volatility scalper expert advisor

 Developed by Quantina Intelligence Ltd. Forex Trading Resource Lab. 2014, London, United Kingdom


NOTE: If you have any broker compatibility issues please contact our Support department in 24/7 




Please be advised this is a strategy backtested report only and not a real live trading results. Result : default settings

Quantina Intensive Scalper EA results

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On the basis of preliminary test: 

Quantina INTENSIVE Scalper EA traded 871 times
from January 2014 till July 2014

Average Trade per week = 33

It have to keep the Maximal Drawdown less than 10% 
Backtest Result Maximal Drawdown : 6.08% only

Initial Deposit   =   $1000
Total Net Profit =   $2815 
Impressive Average Profit  =   $85 / week
Impressive Average Profit  =   $341 /month 

In-Built Profit Protection System, Safety Net, Actual Balance final Protection, Money Manager, Easy settings, Plug and Earn system and much more.





Manual Guide

Step 1: Download the latest version of Quantina Intensive Scalper EA v1.0c. It is 1 file only. (no DLLs, no Indicators, easy installation) 
Step 2: Open your MetaTrader4 Terminal \ File \ Open Data Folder \ MQL4 \ experts
Step 3: Copy your downloaded Quantina_Intensive_Scalper_EA_v10.ex4 file into your MT4 Data Folder \ MQL4 \ experts
Step 4: Restart your MetaTrader 4 Terminal
Step 5: Attach your Quantina Intensive Scalper EA v1.0c from experts tab to any opened currency pair. Recommended currency pairs are GBP/USD M15 , EUR/USD M15 , USD/JPY M15 (15 minutes timeframe) 



Magic Number This is a uniqe ID for each running EA on same currency pair. Please use different numbers (at least 50 ) . EA1= 1000 , EA2= 1050, EA3= 1100. 
Entry Sensitivity Quantina Intensive Scalper EA is a volatility based scalper and using ATR Indicator. Here you can adjust the entry points. 
Exit Sensitivity

Quantina Intensive Scalper EA is a volatility based scalper and using ATR Indicator. Here you can adjust the exit points. 

Max Spread If the actual spread is higher than your limit (MaxSpread value) EA will avoid any tradings to save your account. 
We highly reccommend you to use our Quantina Spread Checker Forex Indicator before you start trading on a new Forex Broker server. 
Minimum Balance Amount: This is an advanced safety net option. EA will compare this value with your actual balance before opene any trade. If your balance is lower than this value Quantina Intensive Scalper not going to trade. Value is in amount. For exmaple Minimum_Balance_Amount = 100 and your actual Balance is $90 EA will stop the trade till your balance will be above of $100 . That can save your account if you have no time to check your balance. (longer trade)
StopLoss: Stop Loss amount in pips. Many traders know that they need to place stops, and if they don’t know they are likely learn very quickly. Market movements can be unpredictable and the stop is one of the few mechanisms that traders can utilisein order to prevent one single trade from ruining their careers.
Account Profit Amount: Quantina Intensive Scalper can exit and close all your opened trade if your actual amount (not balance) is or above this value. Value is in currency and not in pips. 
For example if you want to close al your trades if your actual profit is more than $150 you have set Account_Profit_Amount = 150 . 
Account Loss Amount: Quantina Intensive Scalper can exit and close all your opened trade if your actual amount (not balance) is or below than this value. Value is in currency and not in pips. For example if you want to close al your trades if your actual profit/Loss is more than -$30 you have set Account_Loss_Amount = 30 . 
Break Even Trigger / Break Even (pips)

Very different from the previous versions. If the robot entered the trade, and reached the value of the Bepips calculated from the purchase price then it sets the StopLoss at the value of the Lockpips eg. if the current price has moved 6 pips from the value, then it puts the defence 1 pip (lockpips) away. That way if anything happens later we are going to have at least 1 pip profit. Why do we have to set Bepips=6?  Because many brokers will not allow you to put the SL that close, and even from the strategic point of view it is better if it waits a little (6 pips)

Trailing Stop: Enter the amount of pips you want your trailing stop to be and EA will track all profitable orders. Setting to 0 disables trailing stops. Trailing Stops automatically updates the Stop order price as the market price moves in your favor.
Money Manager: Money Management; true or false; if you set this to true, EA will automatically determine the number of lots for your orders, according to the risk you are willing to take. 
Quantina Forex News Trader EA v2.1 shows your calculated Lots size in a new display panel.
RiskPercent : The risk in percent you are willing to take on any single order. Trading LOT size will be shown on panel before trade.

The difference between the expected price of a trade and the price the trade actually executes at. Slippage often occurs during periods of higher volatility when market orders are used and also when large orders are executed. In the latter case then there may not be enough interest at the desired price level to maintain the expected price of trade.

In Forex, slippage occurs when a limit order or stop loss occurs at a worse rate than originally set in the order. Slippage often occurs when volatility, perhaps due to news events, makes an order at a specific price impossible to execute. In this situation, most forex dealers will execute the trade at the next best price.

Lots : Number of Lots for your orders; if you set Money Manager to false, than you have to tell the EA how many lots to use for the orders, eg. if you put here 1, every order will be placed with 1 lot.
Panel Color Settings You can customize the information panel. (Background color, TextColor) .



Quantina Intensive Scalper EA is a very Broker sensitive expert advisor. Variable spread and high slippage cause negative trading results. 
Always check our recommended brokers list.


Minimal Deposit: $200
Internet Connection: High/Stable/VPS
Broker: True ECN/STP low spread

  Lower sensitivity values = better result
Please be advised for JPY pairs use extra digits in your settings. (For example: you want 10 pips for StoLoss, use
StopLoss = 100)


License valid for 1 Live account and
for Unlimited Demo account. 
Quantina Intensive Scalper EA is 1 file only. 
Easy Installation and video Instructions. 










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Quantina Intensive Scalper EA v1.0 (beta)

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