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Quantina Support Resistance Forex Indicator is detecting automatically the Actual and Important price levels, instantly drawing them to your chart with extended zone levels on any timeframe.
Alert System (PopUp / Email / Phone) - built-in.



Quantina Support Resistance Indicator with panel


Support Resistance Level:
These support and resistance levels are seen as important in terms of market psychology and supply and demand. Support and resistance levels are the levels at which a lot of traders are willing to buy the stock (in the case of a support) or sell it (in the case of resistance).


Support Resistance Level and trading signal


In technical analysis, support and resistance is a concept that the movement of the price of a currency pair will tend to stop and reverse at certain predetermined price levels. These levels are denoted by multiple touches of price without a breakthrough of the level.





Quantina Support Resistance features

  • Automatically detect important and high quality price levels

  • Recognize the relative strength of all price levels

  • Indicator is not repainting

  • Working on any timeframe and  with any currency pair

  • Built-in Alert System (Phone, Pop-up, Email)

  • Extended with Previous Day High / Low level.

  • Using zones and/or exact levels.

  • Instant Timeframe Panel for advanced users

  • Able to use Higher Timeframe of S/R levels on current timeframe

Quantina Support Resistance Indicator levels and trading signals
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Trading Examples:

Buy trade:
Price reaches a strong or weak support zone. (Indicator will show you the strength) At that zone, open a buy trade. Advised to set TakeProfit below the closest resistance. The StopLoss is the same amount of pips from the entry price as TakeProfit if you are using 1:1 ratio.

Sell trade:
When Market Price reaches a strong/weak resistance zone, open a sell trade. Advised to set TakeProfit above the nearest support. The StopLoss is the same amount of pips from the entry price as TakeProfit if you are using 1:1 ratio (Profit:Loss).


Buy/Sell tips for Advanced Traders:
Same scenario as the above mentioned however recommended to trade on Strong Support or Strong resistance with >2:1 ratio. (Profit:Loss) Several other trading ideas with this indicator on our Forum site. “ Once the price hits the strong S / R zone (previously tested by the market), I open a trading position against the direction of the market (I use limit orders). Then I hold the trade until the price reaches the opposite S / R zone.”


Settings List:

We have absolutely reduced customisable parameters for easy, clear and understandable  usage. Default settings are the most accurate even for beginners and advanced traders.

  • Panel Settings: Customisable color and text settings. Instant panel where you can customize Timeframe and Interval settings without indicator restart.
  • TimeFrame: M1-MN1, however there is an option to read from current timeframe
  • Starting Zone Interval: Instead of a single false S/R level line Indicator can determine a zone level. Use lower number or smaller zone size.
  • Fill Rectangle: Colorize S/R zones for older version compatibility
  • Alert System ON: turn ON / OFF the complete alert system when market price is in any zones
  • ShowPopUpAlert: if alert system = true Indicator will advise you on a popup window
  • PlayAlertSound Available to set muted alert (popup without sound)
  • SendAlertEmail: Indicator will send you and email as an alert (MT4 settings needed)
  • SendMoblileNotification: Indicator can send alert to your Smart Phone (MT4 settings needed)
  • AlertFrequency: in seconds. Indicator will alert you in every (X seconds) until the market price is in any S/R zone.
  • Shows previous day high and low: it can be an advantage to see it even on lower timeframe when you can not scroll back easily.
  • Customizable line settings: including line type and colour for highest high and lowest low prices.

S/R Zone Definitions:

Weak Support / Resistance: Market Price turned back from this level at least once but not tested yet with another market price turn.

Strong Support / Resistance: Market Price turned back at least once and tested this level at least once. More tested is a stronger level.

Possible Support / Resistance: Market price forming an S/R level around this price.

Overturned Support/Resistance: Previously recognised as opposite level but now it is changed and turned to opposite level. If it was support now it is resistance and vice versa.

Support Resistance Indicator settings



Easy Installation – Copy / Paste: 

1. Open your MetaTrader 4 terminal. 
2. Go to File \ Open Data Folder
3. Copy your downloaded Quantina_Support_Resistance_Indicator.ex4 file into your MQL4 \ Indicators folder. 

Refresh your MetaTrader 4 Indicators list
7. Open any currency pair chart with any timeframe. 
8. Attach your Quantina_Support_Resistance from the Navigator Window under your Indicators tab.





It works on every timeframe and every type of broker. 


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